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In dealing with the missional statement of the better way foundation, at the core of all that we strive to be is the burden of service. While there are a vast number of non-profit and 501C3 foundations in the vicinity of Martinsville & Henry County our elusive nature is driven by a burden to commitment. Our commitment is trifold in that we are committed firstly, to individuals. Those who are impacted most my the every changing variables of life’s circumstances. We strive to aid individuals with resources and opportunities that open the door for better living and possibility. The secondary commitment is a direct result of the first, we are committed to households in that by aiding individuals we create better households. Thus leading to our third and final commitment which is communities, the more of an impact we are able to make on individuals the more we are able to impact households which results in better communities. This is our mission and our mandate to those who don’t see a way, we are the better way. 

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mission statement

The mission of The Better Way Foundation is commitment to individuals, households, and communities. We seek to be a catalyst providing numerous resources and aids to those in need. We seek to be a bridge between communities and governments. Impacting the present securing the future.


Advocating and empowering individuals to reclaim their lives by becoming direct representation. Creating programs where families and communities are able to seek and find resources.






Tayshiem A. Harper is a Servant, Creative, Leader, and Entrepreneur. From a young age he has been a captivating young influencer, advocate, and supporter. He was born and raised in the city of Martinsville, Virginia. Now a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. After graduating high school in the year of 2014, he attended Patrick Henry Community College studying General Studies while also working a full time job in Customer Service. Now serving as one of the council members on the SOVA Reentry and Resource Council. 

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